MySocial let's you create a link-in-bio website

MySocial let's you create a link-in-bio website is a new link-in-bio platform letting you showcase all your important social media links on one page.

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It lets you create a cool one-page website where you can put your social media icons, important links, as well as information about you.

You can get your very own short bio URL that looks like this:

All Themes are Free

MySocial makes it easy to create a truly customized layout for your page. You can make yours unique with custom block arrangements and themes.

Nowadays, most social media accounts look almost the same with no user customization. MySocial lets you customize your site with built-in themes. Free users can access all the themes without having to pay a premium. Change your site theme every day if you want to! We will not limit you to just 2 boring themes.

All Blocks are Free

With MySocial, you add content using blocks. These blocks let you add your content in any order you wish. You can add your photo/avatar as a block, social media icons, text, heading, and of-course link blocks.

With this flexibility, you can arrange your site in any way you wish. Your site will never look like all the others in the app. You can truly make a custom configuration of your site.

We are not going to limit you on how many links you can add as a free user. Add 100 links if you want to! (please don't quote us, we are still in the building process).

Import & Export your Data

Do you find it frustrating having to rebuild your entire link page from zero? We have easy import and export features to make your page portable. You can import all your links from another service and can start right away. You can always download your page data in a ZIP file or have it mailed to you in case of a disaster.

Planned Paid Features:

Multiple Pages

As a content creator, you have to manage not one but multiple pages. YouTubers have a main channel, a 2nd channel, and a personal channel. With MySocial, you can manage more than one page under one account. No longer, you have to sign up with different accounts just because you have to manage multiple sites.

Although it's a planned paid feature, we would love to make it available to as many of our users as possible.

Custom Domain (

Ditch the sub-page mark, and go true pro with a custom domain like You don't have to configure the tech stuff. You can log in to your MySocial dashboard and control your page yourself. We take care of all the technical mumbo jumbo for you. Put your branded custom domain on your merch, business cards, and social sites to really impress everyone.

Collect Email Signups

Social media is risky because of hackers and policy changes. Your account can go down overnight just like that.

Don't lose your audience.

With MySocial, we will make it super easy to setup an email mailing list right from your page. You can send automated emails whenever you like to contact your followers. With these setups we eliminate the cumbersome process of managing a mailing list and dealing with mail server compliances. You can rest assured that your audience is just one click away. You no longer have to rely on the algorithm to reach your folks.

Get your site!

Sign up for your free MySocial site today! What tools and features would you like to have in this service? Do let us know!